Tatjana Schlör (Spain 1975)
Since she was born she moved between  Asia, Spain and Germany, spending summers in Jakarta for 13 years. Until recently, she hasn’t lived more than three years in the same country. It is in our movement forward in life, by growing older and having children of our own, that we discover what remains from ourselves as children.
Tatjana studied ethnology and graphic art in Germany and continued studying fashion design in
Madrid at the Istituto Europeo di Design. After a few years of working as an illustrator in Germany, she moved back
to Spain, where she found her true passion and started a career in photography at BlankPaper, a photography school and collective. Early in her career, she won the BlankPaper School of Photography Grant to further develop her project with the help of collective members Ricardo Cases and Julian Baron.
She also has collaborated with M Magazine du Monde, NIDO Magazin (Stern Verlag) and other publications dedicated to photography, arts and culture (e.g.  Revista VA!, Fotomagazin der Greif, GUP Magazin).



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